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Mike Ezekiel spends a lot of his time searching out new, and intriguing Fantasy books to add to his evergrowing library. Fantasy has always been a huge part of his life, even from early childhood. Dungeons and Dragons the roll playing game, had consumed many hours, upon hours of time. All that time well spent, bringing all the magic, monsters and adventures to life. There in the small town where he grew up, was a good group of friends, which used to play D&D and where they would have epic campaigns. Within each and every one of them, the creation and desire to become a legendary hero, God infused Monk, or an all Powerful Wizard, made the game come to life.
Now as a grown man, The D&D game has been set down, and the Pen has become the magical sword of all power. Within the Pen all things Magical and all things supernatural come to life once more. Married to his best friend and wife, with two children, who now bring the Magic back to the land.
Everyday is a new Adventure, full of magic, just waiting to be explored.

Best regards,
Mike Ezekiel

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